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Discipline Policy


Turtleback Elementary School provides a safe and supportive environment by promoting positive relationships based on mutual respect. Being sent home or suspended is a consequence used for serious violations. The following are some serious infractions which may result in being sent home, suspension, or, in extremely serious cases, expulsion. 

VIOLENCE: Violence includes the actual, attempted, or threatened injury to another person. Fighting or threatening to fight, spitting and biting are not tolerated. DANGEROUS OBJECTS: Knives, matches, lighters, ammunition, guns, fireworks, or any other potentially harmful objects which might be used to hurt another person are forbidden at Turtleback.

VERBAL ABUSE: We do not use profanity (swear words) at Turtleback. We do not use language which might hurt other people's feelings. We do not tolerate name-calling, disrespect of another person's race, religion, gender, or ethnic background.

DRUGS, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO: Drugs, tobacco and alcohol use by minors is against California law. In addition to school penalties, Turtleback is required to notify the San Diego Police Department.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, STEALING, VANDALISM: If you choose to destroy or damage anything that does not belong to you, it is called vandalism. You and your parents are required by California law to pay for anything you vandalize. If you damage someone’s property while disobeying a school rule you will also be required to pay for what has been damaged.