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© Only one Terrapin in a stall at a time.
© Flush toilet only once after you use it.
© Use quiet voices in the restroom.
© Report any water messes in the restroom to the office immediately.
© If the dispensers are out of soap, tell an adult.
© Eat lunch only in designated lunch area.
© Eat and touch only your own food.
© Stay seated during lunch.
© Use quiet voices and good table manners.
© Clean up all  trash and uneaten food.
© Raise your hand when you are finished so that you may be dismissed by a playground supervisor who will check your area for cleanliness.
© Do not bring any food with nuts to the “Peanut Free Tables”.
© Terrapins will show respect to all adults who supervise the playground.  When the bell rings, Terrapins will stop playing and walk to their classroom line.
© Terrapins understand that there is no rough play (NO wrestling or play-fighting allowed).
© Terrapins will return all equipment to the designated area.
© Terrapins may not bring toys to school; this includes trading cards and electronic games. 
© Terrapins understand all playground activities are open to anyone at Turtleback.
© Terrapins will not bully another Terrapin, fight another Terrapin, spit, swear, or throw rocks or sand anywhere on the playground. 
© Terrapins will eat snacks in the designated snack area.  Food is not to be eaten anywhere else on the playground. 
© Balls should not be bounced against buildings.
© Terrapins will not play tag or chase each other on or near the playground equipment.
© All playground balls will be provided by the school.  Please do not bring any type of playground balls from home.